Creating your first application

Getting Started

It can be quite challenging to learn how to use a new software framework, so if you are new to Workers, we provide a few options that will introduce you to the framework's main concepts, to help get you up and developing with the framework as soon as possible.

Basic concepts 60-second tutorial playlist

This playlist guides you through the motions required to perform simple yet basic processes, such as how to create new Workers, how to add statically-linked subWorkers to your Worker call-chain, and how to send messages between a Worker and its Caller.

Click on the video below to start viewing the playlist.

Getting Started with Workers 5.0 - Basics Playlist

Fundamentals Example Project

There are several example projects that ship with Workers 5.0. However, the best starting place for developers who are new to the framework is the Workers Fundamentals Example Project.

This example project demonstrates the fundamental framework concepts to new developers, by introducing the difference between statically-linked and dynamically loaded Workers, and how to send messages between Workers using Worker API VIs. The block diagram code is heavily documented to explain to new developers how the various parts of a Workers application work together.

It is recommended that developers follow the steps on the front of Worker A's Main VI, and study the code behind the front panel controls to obtain an understanding of the various ways to send messages up and down a Worker's call-chain hierarchy.

Click here to learn more about the Workers 5.0 Example Projects.

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