API Changes

New Features

Workers 4.0 Messaging API (deprecated)

The Workers 4.0 messaging API has been deprecated. This method to send messages between Workers was generic and therefore unsafe, and has been replaced with the new strictly typed Worker API VIs that are now created by the new Public API Builder tool and Create MHL Case tool.

Worker Public Properties Accessor VIs (replaced)

The way to access the public properties of a Worker through the use of a Read Accessor VI has been deprecated. You can now access this data by inserting a Property Node on a Worker's class wire.

Worker Public Properties (updated)

Several changes have been made to the Worker's Public Properties.

Caller (new)

Every Worker now has access to the Public Properties of its Caller. This property is a Worker class object, which can be cast to the Caller's specific Worker type.

Main VI (new)

The reference of a Worker's Main VI is now accessible. This property can only be accessed once a Worker's <Initialize> case has been entered, and not before.

subWorkers (new)

Every Worker now has access to the Public Properties of its statically-linked and dynamically loaded subWorkers. This property is an array of Worker class objects, which can also be cast to the subWorker's specific Worker type.

WID (new)

The new WID is the Workers ID. This replaces the Workers 4.0 ID property, which was a period (.) delimited string of Worker Aliases. The WID property is now a backslash (\) delimited string of Worker Aliases.

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