Example Projects

Getting Started

Five Workers examples projects are provided to help demonstrate the various ways to use the Workers API VIs, how Workers can be both statically-linked or dynamically loaded, and how to create an abstracted Worker API that can be used to create HALs. You can access the Workers Example Projects from the Workers tools menu.

Workers Fundamentals

The Workers Fundamentals sample project demonstrates the basic concepts of the framework and is the recommended starting project for developers who are new to the framework. The code in this example project is heavily commented. This project demonstrates the difference between statically-linked and dynamically loaded Workers, and demonstrates how to use the four different type of Worker API VIs.

Continuous Measurement and Logging

This example project was created to provide a side-by-side comparison with the original ‘Continuous Measurement and Logging’ sample project that ships with LabVIEW. It demonstrates how the same functionality is achieved using Workers as it is using the classic LabVIEW QMH template.

DMM HAL Demo Project

This example project uses a DMM (digital multimeter) HAL (hardware abstraction layer) to explain how to create an abstracted Public API for multiple Workers. The Public API is created in a Worker base class and the implementation (MHL cases) for the Public API are contained in three Workers that inherit from the Worker base class.

Basic knowledge of LVOOP is recommended to understand this sample project.

Message Pump

This project is part of the Worker User Library.

This project demonstrates the use of a Message Pump Worker. The Message Pump Worker is a dynamically loaded Worker that can be added to your projects through the Worker User Library tool. The Message Pump Worker sends a message periodically to a selected MHL case of the calling Worker. The pumped message is generated by the timeout event of a dedicated event structure.

TCP Server and Client

This project is part of the Worker User Library.

This project demonstrates how to use the TCP Server and TCP Client Workers that are part of the Worker User Library. The TCP Server and Client Workers can be either statically-linked or dynamically loaded from another Worker. The TCP Server Worker can connect to multiple TCP Client Workers. String data is the data format shared between Server and Client. These Workers can be used to stream data between Workers applications running on a local network or on a NI real-time target.

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