Create Launcher VI

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The Create Launcher VI tool allows you to create Launcher VIs for a Worker or Worker base class.

By default, the Create/Add Worker tool will create a Launcher VI for the very first Worker that you add to a blank project. But you can create a Launcher VI for any Worker that you want to launch as a Head Worker, which can be useful for testing only a specific Worker and its subWorkers.

Launcher VIs will be saved in a folder called Launchers under the project's main folder

Classes in project inherited from Worker.lvclass

Select the Worker or Worker base class you want to create the Launcher VI for.

Include Debug Client Loader VI

When selected, Debug Client will be included in the Launcher VI.

Asynchronous Launcher VIs

Path of Launcher VI

The path of the Launcher VI that will be dynamically loaded by the Asynchronous Launcher VI.

Create Asynchronous Launcher

Select this option if you want to create an Asynchronous Launcher VI for the Launcher VI that is selected in Path of Launcher VI.

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