Workers Debug Server

TCP Server

Allows you to change and observe the Debug Server's TCP Server connection settings.

Server Port

The port that the Debug Server's TCP Server is listening on.

Server IP Addresses

The IP Addresses that the Debug Server's TCP Server is listening on.

Clients Connected

The number of Debug Clients that are currently connected to the Debug Server.

Connection Log

A history of the connections from Debug Clients to the Debug Sever (for the running instance of the Debug Server application).

Message Log

Allows you to change the Debug Server's Message Log settings.

Max Number of Rows

Here you can set the maximum number of rows that will be displayed within a Message Log. The greater the number of rows, the slower the performance of the Message Log.

Live Logging Base Folder

If Logging is enabled within a Message Log window, then this is the folder that will contain the message log files.

Live Logging to File

When this option is TRUE, then whenever a Message Log window is opened, the (Live) Logging button will be set to TRUE. This allows all incoming messages from a Workers application to be logged immediately as soon as the Message Log window is opened.

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