Change Log

This change log shows the changes made between Workers v4.0 and Workers v5.0 only.

Workers v5.0

  • New tool: Workers 5.0 Debug Server (completely refactored, new UI design, new features)

  • New tool: Workers Public API Builder tool

    • Create / Edit Public API Request

    • Create / Edit Public API Request with Reply

    • Create / Edit Public API Response

    • Override Public API MHL cases

  • New tool: Create MHL Case tool

    • Create / Edit Local API Request

    • Create / Edit non-Public MHL case

    • Override non-Public API MHL cases

  • New tool: Change Worker Properties tool

  • New tool: Upgrade to Workers 5.0 project tool

  • New feature: Create Asynchronous Launcher VIs (in Create Launcher VI tool)

  • New feature: Worker User Library Config File Editor tool (in Worker User Library tool)

  • New feature: Worker.lvclass Public Properties accessible through class wire property node

  • New feature: Caller's Public Properties accessible through a Worker's Public Properties

  • New feature: subWorker's Public Properties accessible through a Worker's Public Properties

  • New feature: Launcher VIs tab added to Worker Hierarchy Viewer (WHV) tool

  • New feature: Dynamically Loaded Workers loaded from base classes now detected in WHV tool

  • New feature: Development tools display progress window whilst tool is performing operations

  • New feature: Set Initialization Data VIs automatically wired in to Caller's <Initialize> MHL case

  • New feature: NI VI Icon Library now used to generate all class and VI icons

  • New feature: Take header colors from other Worker class option added to tools that create classes

  • New feature: Workers at run-time are now identifiable by a backslash-delimited string (WID). This replaces the period-delimited ID string in previous versions of the framework

  • New feature: Workers example projects are now available through the Workers tools menu

  • New feature: All example projects updated. Now use Workers 5.0 generated API VIs

  • New feature: New DMM HAL Demo Project added to example project list

Upgrade tool changes:

  • VI name change: Common -> MHL

  • VI name change: Setup -> Setup Statically-Linked

  • VI name change: subWorkers.ctl -> Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl

  • 'subWorkers' cluster in a Worker private data cluster renamed to 'Statically-Linked subWorkers'

  • Worker and Worker base class background class icons swapped

Other changes:

  • Worker base class template now contains an Initialization Data.ctl

  • Worker and Worker base class template now contains a Response Cases.ctl in the class's private data cluster. This cluster is wired to a Worker's Initialization Data.ctl in the Worker's <Initialize> MHL case

  • Worker base class template MHL now contains the standard 4 Worker 'Framework Cases'

  • Create Base Class tool now add class icon header string to class XML file

  • Main VI ref added to Worker Public Properties

  • Caller added to Worker Public Properties

  • subWorkers array added to Worker Public Properties

  • Quickdrop Shortcut Ctrl+9 now opens Create MHL Case tool

  • Worker detection method changed in development tools, now by class inheritance and not from Alias tag in Worker class XML file

  • Worker Alias string written to class localized name property of class when new Worker created

  • Diagram disable structure removed around VTD node with Initialization Data.ctl in Worker template Main VI's MHL <Initialize> case.

  • When more than one target is detected in the project, the Target selection combo box will appear in the Workers tools menu.

  • Worker.lvclass : Callback Easy added to Workers palette.

  • All Case Labels added by the scripting tools are now created in Protected Scope.

  • All tools that create files can no longer accept \ / : * ? " < > | characters as inputs

  • Worker Alias string can on longer contain \ character.

  • Setup subWorker VIs (CNW tool) use ‘To more specific class’ node in place of ‘Preserve run-time class’ node

  • Format of Worker User Library config files has changed. Now editable with new editor tool.

  • All scripted VIs and CTLs now contain VI descriptions.

  • Repeat errors caught by Worker.lvclass:Error are now only ignored IF they have occurred within the same MHL case.

  • QD shortcut Ctrl+8 (Goto MHL Case) now uses filename after API prefix to determine associated MHL case name. This now works for (future proof) DD override API VIs also.

  • Worker Hierarchy Viewer tool renamed to Worker Call-Chain Viewer.

Workers 5.0 Debug Server changes:

  • Task Manger tab -> Application Manager window

  • Live Message Log logging to file now possible

  • Clear Log option added to Message Log right click menu

  • Show/Hide Front Panel option added to Application Manager right click menu

  • Client mode removed.

  • Error log file generate by Debug Server application.

  • Not compatible with Workers v4.0 Debug Client

Workers 5.0 Debug Client changes:

  • Debug Client can now detect and display MHL cases in Worker base classes (if MHL case is not overridden)

  • Debug Client has removed “Server Mode” and “Server Mode : Server Port” inputs, and is not compatible with Workers v4.0 Debug Server.

Functional Change:

  • Worker.lvclass:Callback now sends upstream error to Worker.lvclass:Enqueue and (or Enqueue Callback (poly) in Workers v4.0)

Deprecated / Removed features:

  • Message.lvclass and Callback Message.lvclass palette VIs deprecated. Messaging now replaced with the new strictly typed Worker API VIs created by the new Worker API tools

  • Find subWorkers (poly) deprecated

  • Read Worker (poly) deprecated

  • All uses of period-delimited Worker ID strings. Replaced with WID (backslash-delimited string)

  • Dynamically Load deprecated. Replaced with Dynamically Load Worker

  • <All subWorkers Initialize> and <All subWorkers Exited> cases are no longer added to a Workers MHL if they don’t exist, when adding a statically-linked subWorker to a Worker with the Create/Add Worker tool.

  • Debug Client has removed “Server Mode” and “Server Mode : Server Port” inputs, and is not compatible with Workers v4.0 Debug Server.

Bug Fixes:

  • CNW tool would fail when creating a new Worker in non-English versions of LabVIEW

  • CNW tool would create a Worker without a when creating a new Worker from a custom template Worker

  • Renaming Case Label tool now deletes old Case Label file from disk

  • Renaming MHL Case would cause broken link to associated Case Label in VIs that were not loaded into memory

  • Case Labels can be added to a virtual folder with user defined scope

Efficiency Improvements:

  • A copy of the Worker's Main Data Wire has been removed from Worker.lvclass:Error resulting in improved Worker MHL loop speed.

  • Workers 5.0 Debug Server Message Logs process messages at approximately twice the speed of the Workers 4.0 Debug Server, in addition to being separated into Debug Client specific processes.

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