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The Create Worker Base Class tool allows you to create Worker base classes that contain a common MHL You can add common functionality to this class that can then be used by Workers that inherit from this class.


Name of your new Worker base class

Select a name for the new Worker base class. The name you select should be suitable to be a filename.

Inherit from:

Select the class you want to directly inherit your new Worker base class from. By default every Worker base class inherits from Worker.lvclass [Workers.lvlib].

Icon Header

A string for the header of your Worker base class's icon. Here you can also select the background and text color of the icon's header. (This data is stored as a tag within the class's XML file).

Icon Preview

What the icon of your base class will look like, based on the header and text/background colors you choose.


Right clicking over the icon preview and selecting Copy header colors from class allows you to take the text/background icon colors from another Worker or Worker base class.

Parent folder of new Worker base class folder

When a new Worker base class is created, its class file is put in a folder with the same name as the Worker base class. The 'parent' folder is one level above the folder that is created for the new Worker base class.


The <Default> case of every Worker's MHL contains a MHL This VI belongs to a class with a MHL that the Worker inherits from. You can add you own common MHL cases to extend the common functionality of a Worker's MHL by inheriting your Workers from a Worker base class.

A Worker base class created by this tool contains a single VI: MHL

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