Create/Add Worker tool

If the Create/Add Worker tool fails to add a Worker as a subWorker to another Worker, a few reasons might be the cause of the error.

It is not advised to place the default framework VIs that exist on a Worker's Main VI within subVIs, since the Create/Add Worker tool might not be able to find VIs that it needs when adding/wiring up new VIs created by the tool.

Strange Wiring of newly placed VI’s on Caller's Main VI

This can occur when the tool tries to add items but is unsure exactly where to place them. The tool does its best to place items neatly, but occasionally it may be required to clean up the placing of the new items. This can occur if the Caller's Main VI already contains a lot of other items that may be in the way of where the tool would place the new items by default.

Caller class is locked

New items cannot be added to the Caller if it is locked. Make sure the Caller class is unlocked before adding a new subWorker to it.

Caller's Main VI is broken

This can cause problems when adding new subWorkers. Make sure that the Caller's Main VI is not broken before adding a new subWorker to it.

Worker or files already exist on disk

If the tool fails, you may have already created a Worker with the same name previously and removed it from your project, without deleting the files from the disk. Delete the Worker from the disk before attempting again or use another name for the new Worker you wish to create.

VIs are not wired correctly

It is possible that if the tool cannot find items on the Caller's Main VI required for wiring up the new subWorker's Main VI, then the tool will fail. For example, the ‘Merge Error’ node is required to exist for the new subWorker's Main VI to be automatically wired up correctly.

A Worker’s Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl is empty

If any Workers in your project have a Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl that contains an empty cluster, it is possible the Create/Add Worker tool will not load at all. Either remove the cluster from the Worker or add an element into it, apply changes, and then save it. When it is no longer broken, run the tool again.

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