MHL Case Viewer

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The MHL Case Viewer tool allows you to see all the MHL cases of the Workers in a project, along with the MHL cases in Worker base classes, and shows you which cases override base class MHL cases. The right-click menu for the MHL case list (right) allows you to directly jump to a selected Worker's MHL case, or the overridden case of the base class.

When you open the tool, the tool will iterate through all Workers and Worker base classes on the selected target, and load all required data into memory.


Classes in target inherited from Worker.lvclass

Shows all the Workers and Worker base classes found within the selected target. Selecting a class in this list will populate the list on the right with the class's MHL case names.

Locked classes will not be able to display their MHL cases.

MHL Case Name

This column shows all the MHL cases that exist within a Workers MHL's case structure or a base class's MHL case structure.

Overrides Case of Parent Class

If the same case exists in a base class that the Worker or Worker base class inherits from, then the case will appear in this column.

Right click menu

Right clicking over a row in the list will provide you with the option to navigate directly to the MHL case or the parents overridden case (if the case overrides a parent class).

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