Worker Call-Chain Viewer

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The Worker Call-Chain Viewer tool shows you the Worker call-chain hierarchy of a Worker and its subWorkers. The tool shows both statically-linked and dynamically loaded subWorkers.

To use this tool, simply select either a Launcher VI or a Worker from their respective tabs. The tool will then iterate through the selected Worker and its subWorkers, to generate the Worker's call-chain hierarchy, displayed as a tree using the class icons of each Worker or Worker base class.


Launcher VIs

The Launcher VIs detected on the selected target.


The Workers detected on the selected target.


Will refresh the list and redraw the tree.

Good to know

This tool works well together with the Create/Add Worker tool. You can have them both opened side-by-side, and every time you add a new Worker to your application with the Create/Add Worker tool, you can press Refresh and see the addition of the new Worker in your application.

Save Image

Allows you to save the generated image as either a PNG, JPG or BMP file.


Show Worker Icons?

Includes the Worker icons when drawing the hierarchy tree.

Show Worker Names?

Includes the Worker names when drawing the hierarchy tree.

Show Worker Alias?

Includes the Worker alias when drawing the hierarchy tree.

The alias for the hierarchy's head Worker and dynamically loaded Workers is not shown.

Include Dynamically Loaded Workers?

Includes Dynamically loaded Workers when drawing the hierarchy tree.

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