Removing Workers

Create/Add Worker tool

The Create/Add Worker tool cannot yet remove Workers that it adds to your applications. But it is simple enough to remove a statically-linked Worker yourself by deleting the items that the Create/Add Worker tool created by following the steps below.

Let's take an example where we want to remove Worker B from Worker A.

Step 1: Remove Worker object constant from Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl

Remove Worker B's object constant from Worker A's Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl.

If no Worker object constant exists in a Worker's Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl, you will need to also delete Statically-Linked subWorkers.ctl from the Caller, because LabVIEW does not allow empty clusters to exist.

Step 2: Delete Set Initialization Data -

Delete Set Initialization Data - Worker from Worker A.

Step 3: Delete Setup subWorker -

Delete Setup subWorker - Worker from Worker A.

Step 4: Delete Worker's Main VI from Caller's Main VI

Delete Worker B's Main VI ( or Main from the block diagram of Worker A's Main VI.

Step 5: Final cleanup

You have now removed the statically-linked subWorker but you might still have to clean up a few broken wires now that you have removed and deleted the VIs above. The Worker should now be removed from its Caller.

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