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The Worker User Library tool contains a library of functional Workers (i.e. Workers with Public APIs and pre-developed functionality) that you can use in your projects.

The Items in User Library list shows a list of functional Workers in the Worker User Library. Items in this list can exist either as a class (*.lvclass) or as a library (*.lvlib). Selecting an item from the list will display information about the Worker or library, shown in the information box on the right.

The Worker User Library also allows the inclusion of 3rd party items so that you can create your own libraries of functional Workers, either for re-use in your own projects or for distribution to customers. See section Config File Editor for information about how to add your own items to the Worker User Library.


Items in User Library

Shows a list of the available Workers or libraries in the Worker User Library. Selecting an item in this list will populate the information box to the right with information about the selected item.

Open Example Project

If the selected item contains an example project then the item's example project will open.

Add selected Item to Project

A copy of the selected Worker or library will be created and added to your project.

+ / -

Pressing + will open the Add Worker Source Folder window.

This window allows you to add a folder which contain Worker User Library configuration files.

The default path for Worker Library configuration files can be found in your installed LabVIEW directory: ...\LabVIEW 20XX\user.lib\_Workers\Worker User Library

Any configuration files you add to this folder will be automatically detected by the tool.

Pressing - will open the Remove Source Folders from the Library window.

Right-Click Menu

Create Config File

See section Config File Editor.

Edit Config File

See section Config File Editor.

Show File in Explorer

Shows the location of the config file for the selected item in the Windows project explorer.

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