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The Public API Builder tool allows you to create strictly typed Public APIs for your Workers, allowing you to communicate with a Worker from an external source, such as a Worker's Caller, another LabVIEW application or from TestStand.

You can use the Public API builder tool to:

Create Dynamically Load Worker VI

Allows you to create a strictly typed Dynamically Load Worker VI that you can use to load an instance of a Worker at run-time from within another Worker's MHL.

Every Dynamically Load Worker VI filename takes the prefix: dlw_ (dynamically load worker), followed by the name of the Worker that owns the VI. An example of a Dynamically Load Worker Public API VI is shown below.

A Dynamically Load Worker VI will dynamically load the Worker that owns the VI as a subWorker into the Worker that the VI is called from, and returns the loaded Worker's object containing the Worker's Public Properties. Initialization data that is to be received by the Dynamically Loaded Worker's <Initialize> MHL case can be wired to the Initialization Data input. The Dynamically Loaded Worker requires an alias ( Worker Alias ) which must be unique to the Worker it is called from. If a Worker is already loaded with the same Alias, an error will be returned.


This VI can only be called from within another Worker. To load a Worker from an external LabVIEW application or from TestStand, please use an Asynchronous Launcher VI.

Good to know

An example of how to use a Dynamically Load Worker VI can be found in the Workers Fundamentals example project.

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